The mission of the Maritime Industrial Base Ecosystem (MIBE) is to help strengthen Hampton Roads’ economic pillar and mobilize the naval/commercial maritime industry with all the complementary industries it touches. The goal is effective collaboration among our region’s business, academic and government partners to capture 21st-century maritime leadership opportunities across a 3,000-square-mile industrial ecosystem in Southeast Virginia.
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Our optimization strategy calls for mitigating maritime workforce, supplier base and facilities gaps that stand between the current industrial base and its potential to become America’s preferred digital maritime hub.


We promote mobilizing young talent in the region to acquire Industry 4.0-infused maritime skills, and reaching beyond our region to recruit young talent for future maritime opportunity, and for the high quality of life that Hampton Roads offers.


We boost the growth and improvement of the supplier base for emerging naval/commercial maritime opportunities, to support a formidable Hampton Roads advanced manufacturing ecosystem serving maritime and related industries.


We support innovative maritime facilities improvements in public and private sector venues to make the Atlantic maritime ecosystem the one of choice.


PEOPLE | Workforce Capability and Workforce Modernization

Larry Horne
Provisional Lead

A regional maritime workforce fully competent in next-generation shipbuilding/repair practices that incorporate Industry 4.0 technologies (robotics, additive manufacturing, augmented reality, digitization and AI).

Desired Effects of the End State
  • An action plan to remedy regional maritime workforce capability Industry 4.0 shortfalls
  • Regional communications framework for workforce skills/capabilities planning that includes Navy Regional Maintenance Center (CNRMC), Norfolk Naval Shipyard, the maritime and training industries, and regional academic resources including universities and community colleges
FACILITIES | Capability Optimization Through Advanced Manufacturing

Craig Quigley

Recognized as America’s most capable concentration of large/small, nuclear/conventional, build/repair yards, ready to meet the needs of a growing, aging fleet and support increased maintenance/modernization.

Desired Effects of the End State
  • Meet/beat all cost and schedule metrics
  • Lead the nation in innovative practices, and advanced manufacturing applications
  • Become the Navy’s indispensable partner in ship building, repair and modernization
  • Make wise capital investments over the next 10 years that will ensure facilities can handle the expected surge in maintenance and modernization due to the increasing size/age of the fleet
SUPPLY BASE | Business Competency Improvement

Stephanie Simmons

A regional maritime supply base with a comprehensive and successful business model that accommodates increasingly complex technological demands.

Desired Effects of the End State
  • Relative certainty of Navy maintenance contracts for up to five years that positions suppliers to deploy effective recruitment strategy and affordably plan for capital and technology investments
  • NAVSEA projections enable labor and time demands to be shared with more detail and accuracy to provide a clear workforce demand signal
  • Suppliers are assisted re costs associated with qualifying to meet NAVSEA specifications, for facility upgrades, supplier training related to cyber security, trade procedure requirements and understanding government regulations and bid processes
  • Standard set of metrics or supplier assessment model established that defines a “healthy maritime supplier” and provides assistance in developing corrective action improvement plan
INNOVATION | Technological Competency Improvement

Karen Jackson

Eric Weisel

A regional ecosystem that embraces innovation and technology to spur technology creation, promote and support technology adoption and consumption, and drive efficiencies, preparedness, and sustainability (resiliency).

Desired Effects of the End State
  • Create: Collaborate across MIBE committees as these assess specific needs ranging from innovative R&D technology solutions to consumable/application-oriented technologies
  • Adopt: Support mining of Industry 4.0 solution inventories (e.g., cyber, data analytics, additive and advanced manufacturing, artificial intelligence) to address Navy and other institutional contract requirements
  • Enable: Provide access to technologies with potential to change business paradigms and rewrite business rules – for example, predictive analytics, new architectures for workforce training and business process engineering


VADM David Architzel



Herman Shelanski

Vice Chair
Vice President, Newport News Shipbuilding

Strategy Board

Ex-Officio (government) Participants

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